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    No sports without proper organization!

    Since 2012, SportEasy has become the go-to app for managing your sports team or club. It has proven to be far more effective than Facebook or Whatsapp in organizing sports events: games, practices, tournaments, etc.
    Our mission is simple: we are here to help sports organizations optimize their daily operations through technology, in order to focus on the sport they love!
    We serve 1.6 million users worldwide. We can address this community globally or in a segmented way.
    Age 25-45
    4 key profiles
    Managers, coaches, players and parents of players
    Athletes and enthusiasts
    75% vs. 25%
    Men - Women
    Top 5 sports
    Soccer, rugby, hand, basket, volley.

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    To promote your highlights, several formats are available:

    iAB Mobile:

    • Interstitial (jpeg, gif, video)

    Mobile native:

    • Calendar banner
    • Game page format
    • Sponsorship - Discussion list format

    iAB Web:

    • Graphic design
    • Megaban
    • Side pad
    • Corner Video

    Special operations

    Fun and innovative formats to generate engagement and create a bond with our athletes.

    • Challenge
    • Quiz
    • Sponsorship of key features of the application (MVP and Lineup promotional graphics)


    No professional sport without amateur sport!

    Support amateur clubs by helping them go digital.

    Ready-to-use features that allow you to:

    • National and local outreach
    • Streamline local sponsorship initiatives across your network of stores and dealerships
    • Offer your network of stores and dealerships a new local digital marketing tool
    • To show your commitment to those who make sport happen on a daily basis
    Discover our campaign with VBET

    They work with us

    We already work with over 50 brands.
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    The team

    Andy Fournié
    Head of sales and Partnership
    "Il n'y a pas d'endroit dans le monde où l'homme est plus heureux que dans un stade de football."
    - A. Camus
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    Mathis Girault
    Account manager
    "On ne juge pas un homme sur le nombre de fois qu'il tombe mais sur le nombre de fois qu'il se relève."
    - J. Kano
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    Thomas Léculier
    Account manager
    "Maradona, cerf-volant cosmique, de quelle planète viens-tu pour laisser sur le chemin tant d'Anglais ?"
    - V. Hugo Morales
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