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    SportEasy is part of the Passion Club program set up by the FFBB. As such, all FFBB clubs will benefit from a 20% discount on their SportEasy Club subscription. In addition, it is possible to synchronize your club's match schedule directly from SportEasy.
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    SportEasy has been selected by Ufolep as a digital solution to facilitate the organization of sports activities within teams and clubs. Each team benefits from a 20% discount on the Premium version of SportEasy and a 20% discount on the SportEasy Club version.
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    Sports networks

    This season, we have partnered with LE FIVE, France's leader in 5-a-side football centers, to synchronize data related to their players' matches directly on SportEasy!

    Equipments and services

    Go Sport
    SportEasy footballers and basketball players are now financially rewarded when they participate in a game. SportEasy can be connected to 'Mercure', one of the advantages of the Go Sport loyalty program, and thus becomes the 1st team sports app to reward team sports players.
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    This year, all SportEasy soccer or basketball players can receive a €50 discount by linking their SportEasy app with the GO Sport MERCURE loyalty program.
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    Madewis has chosen SportEasy Club for its 'CLUB100' Premium clients; the most important clubs in its network. They are all equipped with the #1 football club management solution.
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    In 2021, the French amateur sport was hit hard by the health crisis. This crisis context highlights the importance of solutions such as SportEasy to allow clubs to maintain the social link with their members, to communicate important information that is often different from one week to the next, to prevent potential contact cases or simply to adapt to the means of communication of the younger generations who are increasingly connected.
    Vbet is fully aware of the challenge of digitalizing sports organizations, and has therefore decided to support amateur soccer clubs in financial difficulty. 100 clubs will be equipped with SportEasy Club and PUMA equipment for the 2021-2022 season
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    SportEasy integrates advertisers into the daily lives of amateur athletes

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