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  • Manage your tamburello group like a pro.

    SportEasy is the best app for tamburello coaches.

    The tamburello SportEasy app

    Our numbers

    75 000
    active teams
    1 500 000
    happy users
    5 600 000
    events managed

    They manage their tamburello group with SportEasy

    Tamburello manager

    « I used to waste a lot of time writing, answering and following up with members or their parents: it was hellish. With the automatic notification and reminder system of SportEasy, it's really easier to manage. »

    Adrien Viard

    Tamburello adult team coach

    Tamburello manager

    « SportEasy saves me a lot of time in organizing practices and competitions for my groups. I can now really focus on the progress of my members. »

    José Martins

    Tamburello youth team coach

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      Simplified management of your group

      Simplify the organization of your tamburello group

      SportEasy simplifies your administrative and coaching tasks. Plan your entire season by scheduling events; track your players' attendance at games, tournaments, or practices in real time.

      Efficient communication within your group

      Improve communication within your tamburello group

      SportEasy becomes the one and only communication channel for your group. Invitations to events, last minute messages, organization for the end of year party: everything happens on SportEasy!

      Want to try SportEasy?

      You manage a tamburello club?
      SportEasy Club simplifies the life of the managers and members
      Detailed roster on the application

      Have all the information of your members always up to date

      SportEasy allows you to save all the information about your members: contact information, membership number, or even food allergies. The managers, or the members themselves, can update this data at any time. No need to spend endless hours fighting with your Excel files. You have access to up-to-date information, wherever you are.

      All the features of our software for a tamburello manager

      Calendar, event invitations, messaging: discover how SportEasy will simplify your life and that of your group.