How SportEasy was born

SportEasy was created in 2012 by two engineers with a love for sports, Albin Egasse and Nizar Melki. Our mission is to allow those who practice amateur sports to spend more time living their passion, and less time solving problems.

SportEasy provides managers and coaches with administrative and sports management features, while players and parents have access to social and fun features. SportEasy has established itself as the leading web and mobile app for managing a team or an amateur club, regardless of the sport. It is used by over 2 000 000 people in 8 languages in over 100 countries.

Since 2018, SportEasy offers clubs additional services and exclusive benefits by connecting them to a rich ecosystem of partners: sponsors, sports centers, leagues and other apps.

No pain. More game.

SportEasy’s figures

125 000

Active teams

3 000 000

Happy users

10 000 000

Events managed


Sports & activities


Partner brands



The product

SportEasy combines administrative and sports management features for managers and coaches with social and fun features for players and parents, so that everyone can be more efficient and concentrate on what’s important: sport and the community.


For managers

With SportEasy Club, club managers can save time on club management and communication with club members:

• Centralize all club members’ information and documents
• Communicate easily and efficiently with all club members
• Organize all club events using a shared calendar
• Collect online payments

For coaches

SportEasy ensures that managing a team remains a pleasure for coaches, thanks to its organisation and communication features:

• Create events, send invites and track attendance
• Message your team members
• Analyze team statistics
• Manage tasks

For players

SportEasy allows players to strengthen team spirit on and off the field:

• Vote for player of the game, rate your teammates and the game
• Send photos and videos
• Track your personal statistics
• Share the team lineup

For parents

Thanks to SportEasy, parents always have access to the right information to keep up with their child’s activities:

• Accounts for all family members
• Before the game: availabilities, carpooling
• After the game: photos, videos
• Easy communication with the coach

Our awards

Sport Numericus

Winner of the ‘Digital Sports Innovation Award’ in 2013

Grands Prix de l’Innovation de la Ville de Paris

Winner in the category ‘Digital Content’ in 2014

SPORT Stratégies

Winner of the SPORTS Stratégies Awards in 2017


Winner of the category Startups in 2017

Our values

Passion for amateur sports

This is our daily motivation here at SportEasy, to give club managers and coaches the tool they need to properly organize their club.

Humility is key to win

Like our users, at SportEasy, we always play a game to win: by working hard every day to improve our app.

Team spirit

We see sport and our company as a collective adventure, where everyone goes above and beyond for their teammates and to promote team spirit.

The founders

When Albin and Nizar met, they were both in charge of a soccer team and shared the same observation: managing a team takes a lot of time and requires a lot of different tools (emails to know who can come to the game, last minute texts if it is canceled, Excel for stats or for tracking the payment of membership fees, Facebook for game reports and pictures…).

They then decided to create SportEasy, an application that brings together everything a team needs. They were the first to test it and have been developing it ever since. Today, they are joined by 2 500 000 users practicing 80 different sports on 5 continents.

Great team spirit at the office all year long.

Here at SportEasy, team spirit is essential. We organise: sports sessions, birthdays, drinks afterwork, seminars… SportEasy enhances these moments through the app, bringing the team together.

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