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  • No pain. More game.

    Amateur sports often lack proper management tools.
    SportEasy helps club managers, coaches, players and parents
    spend less time solving problems, and more time enjoying the sport they love.

    About us

    Since its creation in 2012 by Albin Egasse and Nizar Melki, two engineers passionate about sports, SportEasy has had only one goal: allowing those who practice amateur sports to spend more time living their passion, and less time worrying about organization. SportEasy is now used by over 1,300,000 managers, coaches, players and parents every week. The app is available online, iOS and Android, translated in 8 languages and used in more than 100 countries.
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    Thomas Léculier
    thomas@sporteasy.net +33 1 84 17 00 39


    August 2020: SportEasy presents its new branding
    July 2020: SportEasy joins the movement 'A la base', launched by Puma to support amateur sports clubs
    March 2020: During the COVID-19 lockdown, SportEasy continues to serve its users
    2019: SportEasy launches the #sportech movement in France, along with other top tech startups.
    2018: SportEasy to conquer Europe!
    2017: SportEasy raises €1.3M and wins the 'Sporsora' and 'Sport Stratégies' awards.


    Launched by Albin & Nizar
    Web application dedicated to soccer teams
    Only in french speaking countries
    15 employees
    2 products: SportEasy and SportEasy Club
    All devices: web, iOS and Android
    All sports
    8 languages and +100 countries
    1,500,000 users