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    • Multi-team management
    • Club calendar
    • Club roster
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    • Newsletter for all members
    • Dedicated threads by age category or with specific members
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    • Manage all your membership fee collections
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    • Sponsorship advertising: Give your sponsors exclusive digital visibility on the SportEasy app and renegotiate your contracts! This offer is reserved for holders of the Sponsors Subscription.
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    • Website & iPhone/Android apps
    • Roster management
    • Schedules and game sheets
    • Event invitations, automatic reminders, players availability
    • Create your lineups
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    • Messages & comments
    • Share files (PDF, photos, videos...)
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    Team spirit
    • Votes & ratings after the game
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    Fee collection
    • Tired of struggling to collect your membership fees, or the payments for a new set of jerseys?
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    Task management
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    No conventional ads
    With SportEasy Premium or SportEasy Club, remove ad banners on the website and mobile apps. However, if you see a brand or ad on SportEasy it means that your members can win a prize or access dedicated discounts. You can ask for them to be removed at any time.
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    • Team statistics
    • Player statistics
    • Live statistics
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    Attendance record
    • Players availability event by event
    • Season review by event type
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