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  • Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

    Discover all the features SportEasy Club has to offer: shared calendar, members management, sponsorship, online payments, and much more.


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    Roster management

    Manage your members and their information easily: import your entire roster in a few clicks on SportEasy Club and keep their data up to date.
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    Club messages

    Strenghten the communication within your club. Find out how SportEasy will become the only way of communication for the entire club, from club newsletter to daily messages between players, parents and coaches.
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    Shared calendar

    Enjoy a calendar where all the club's events are listed, from the end-of-year party to the weekly practices of the youth teams. Filter them easily and manage them from this tab.
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    Registration, membership fees and payments

    SportEasy Club allows you to create any type of payment collection (membership fees, game fees, etc.), and to collect and track payments from your members.
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    Sponsors management

    Increasing the sponsorship revenue of an amateur sports club has never been easier than with the digital visibility you will offer to your sponsors on SportEasy Club.
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    Best team management app

    With SportEasy, you offer your coaches a team management app that they won't be able to go without, with automatic event invitations and reminders, lineup ans stats.
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    Teams and groups management

    Create an unlimited number of groups and teams on SportEasy Club: youth teams, women, veterans, etc. Delegate the management of each group while supervising them!
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    Online software

    Create a place dedicated to the life of the club online, where everyone gains efficiency, available wherever you are on a mobile app.
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    CRM for amateur sports clubs.

    Who says that an amateur club can't be organized like the pros? With SportEasy Club, structure the work of your management teams and guarantee the consistency of the methods used within your association. Our software takes your club to the next level, and your members will quickly realize it.
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    Software for sports club management

    SportEasy Club is a tool that allows you to manage your entire amateur sports club. Not only do managers save time in their daily tasks, but all teams and their members use the application to get organized and communicate effectively.
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    All our team management features

    Equip all your coaches, players and their parents with the #1 application for team management. Thanks to the event invitation system, team messaging and statistic tracking, coaches manage their team like pros.
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