Best CRM for sports clubs

SportEasy Club is the professional app for amateur sports club management.

Structure club managers work

Perhaps you use a CRM (*Customer Relationship Management*) or ERP (*Enterprise Resources Planning*) in your professional life: SportEasy Club is its equivalent for an amateur sports club.

By implementing it within your association, you guarantee the coherence of the working methods of your management teams, and you put them in the best conditions to manage the daily life of the club like professionals.

SportEasy Club is an app that will make your entire club more efficient: players, parents, coaches as well as managers, thanks to features thought for each type of member.


Your member database, simple and secure

Just like a CRM software, SportEasy Club allows you to import your entire membership base and retrieve any information or file you need.

Once the club community registered on SportEasy, you can send a message to the entire club, just a specific group, or just one person.

Finally, SportEasy guarantees the security of the data you import. Access to your club’s interface is personal and protected by a password. SportEasy collects and processes this data within the framework of the European GDPR: it will never be transferred or sold to a third party (see our Data Privacy Policy)

Track members and payments

As mentioned earlier, club managers can find all the information and files for their members on SportEasy Club. This also includes member payments to your association.

You can manage any type of payment on SportEasy Club: membership fees, game fees, etc. Once your payment form is edited and shared with the relevant members, you will see who has paid and who is still pending.

CRM - fee collections

Discover all SportEasy features with our demo club before signing up your club.

Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check our features out on this page, then test them for free for a month by registering your association on SportEasy Club.

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