The #1 team management tool for your coaches

SportEasy Club is also an app that your coaches won’t be able to live without, thanks to all the team management features.

Track activity and progress of all club teams

On SportEasy Club, coaches each manage their team through an app – web and mobile – that allows them to organize all their events, communicate more efficiently, but also track their players’ performances and attendance game after game, season after season.

SportEasy Club is a crucial tool for Technical Directors in amateur sports clubs, as they can closely monitor the activity of each group and evaluate the attendance of each player.

Equip your coaches with the best amateur sports team management software

SportEasy is also the best app for amateur sports team management. Tens of thousands of coaches have saved precious time in organizing their teams thanks to the features offered by our software.

SportEasy Club you’ll give your coaches a tool that allows them to:

• To organize all the events of the team, with peace of mind

Your coaches can create any type of event on SportEasy: games, practices, tournaments and even non-sporting events. Thanks to our event invitation system, players (or their parents) receive an invitation to participate via mobile push notification or email. Coaches know in advance who will play and can even prepare the team lineup!

• To communicate easily with the rest of the team

Thanks to SportEasy’s instant messaging, messages on 5 different apps are over! Coaches now only use SportEasy to manage their communication with players, parents, other managers, etc.

• To take the team to the next level

On SportEasy, coaches have access to an accurate tracking of their players’ statistics and attendance. The app keeps track of the team’s statistics, or detailed by player, game after game. They also have access to the attendance record of each player, to evaluate the regularity of each one, and potentially reward some of them for their involvement.

Strengthen the bond between the club and its members

They’re already wearing your colors and they’ll soon have your club’s app in their pockets: your members will love SportEasy! The app allows them to have quick and easy access to their team’s life, wherever they are.

Players and parents will find the right information at the right time and can share their comments, photos and videos of the best moments of the team’s life.

Use SportEasy Club to recruit and keep members!

Do you manage a team? Create yours on SportEasy and test our features.

Discover all SportEasy features with our demo club before signing up your club.

Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check out our features on this page, then try them out thanks to a one month free trial period on SportEasy Club.

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