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    A shared calendar with all club events

    SportEasy gives you access to a shared calendar with games, practices and even extra-sporting events of the whole association.


    View all club events in one place

    Sports association managers regularly face problems while scheduling events or booking fields. SportEasy Club shared calendar feature help you avoid these issues.
    The events created within each team by the coaches are synchronized at the Club calendar level, so that the sporting director - for example - has a vision of the entire activity of the club at a given moment. By consulting it, he knows which team is playing where and when, and can thus anticipate problems of field availability.
    You can filter this calendar on a daily, monthly or yearly view.
    Discover all the features of SportEasy even before you register your club.
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    You have control over all club events

    You need to consult the details of a game, or to communicate an important information to all the participants of a given event? A club manager can perform these actions from the shared calendar.
    The Club calendar comes with a filter system (by team or by type of event) that allows them to view only the events that interest them.
    Once the calendar filtered, the club managers have the possibility to visit the page dedicated to each event, to communicate an important information directly on it, or to modify it if needed (e.g. cancellation, postponement, change of meeting place, etc.).

    Create clubwide events

    You'll organize events open to all club members during your season (e.g. christmas party).
    Thanks to the shared calendar, club managers can create club events and invite all (or some) members to attend. This allows them to know exactly how many people will be attending and to communicate the information needed to make sure the event runs smoothly.
    Managers can also create events for the club's teams: practices and games for a specific age category, an office meeting with the club administrators, or a briefing with the coaches. They will appear on the team's calendar and on the Club calendar.

    All the features to manage your sports association efficiently.

    SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletter sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payment. Check them all out from this page, then test them for free for one month by registering your association on SportEasy Club.