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The ultimate team player for your sports club

Create as many groups as you need on SportEasy, whether sports teams or committee groups. You can have as many teams as your club has age categories!

Create as many groups as you want, everyone is involved with SportEasy

With the SportEasy Club subscription, you can manage as many groups as you want.

Very often, clubs create a group for each age category so that each coach can manage their team: events, messages and even stats.

You can also create extra-sporting groups: for example, the group of the board members or the group of coaches. This allows you to organize meetings with the people in each group, and to communicate more easily with them. Like the games and practices of your teams, the events created for these groups are synchronized on the shared calendar.


Discover all SportEasy features with our demo club before signing up your club.

each group is specific

Identify each group in your club

Veterans, women, youth teams: all the teams of your sports association can enjoy SportEasy Club.

When you create a new team, you can customize its settings: name, gender of the team (male, female or coed), or even its type of practice (leisure, competition).

You can add teams from different sports on the same SportEasy Club account. This is especially convenient for multi-sport clubs.

Delegate the management of each team

SportEasy Club is time-saving software for managers of sports clubs thanks to its different administrative features but also because they can now delegate their work.

They may name group-specific managers, while keeping control over the club as a whole. Coaches will manage the teams. A board member, or a volunteer, could manage any other type of group created.

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Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all you members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check out our features on this page, then try them out thanks to a one month free trial period on SportEasy Club.

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