Easy payment collecting and tracking for sports clubs

SportEasy Club allows your sports club to manage all online or offline payments whether for club memberships or for club equipment orders.

Manage membership fees online

SportEasy Club allows you to quickly collect payments from your members. They can pay online in a 100% secure system thanks to our partner Stripe, the world leader in online payments.

For existing club members, everything happens on SportEasy. When you create the membership fee for the upcoming season, your members receive a notification on SportEasy and can pay directly online.

For new members joining the club, share a link to the club registration form, which will allow them to enter their personal information, pay for their membership and join you on SportEasy!

Discover all SportEasy features with our demo club before signing up your club.

Collect online payments for any product or service sold by the club

Membership fees, equipment orders: create all the products and services the club has to offer and collect the money via SportEasy Club.

Validity period

Set the time period during which your members benefit from the purchased service.

e.g: Membership fee for the 2022-2023 season, valid until July 31, 2023.


Set up a single or flexible rate, depending on the different age groups in your club.

e.g: Adult membership fee, youth membership fee, membership fee for the unemployed, etc.


Share a discount coupon for the products and services you offer for sale. Once your products are created, SportEasy Club allows you to customize them.


Add a by-product to the sale of your main product.

e.g: Offer to buy a jersey whilst they pay their membership fee.


Collect information when the member pays online and share forms with people who aren’t club members.

e.g: Jersey and shorts sizes for a sports equipment order.

Club treasurers can no longer go without it

Thanks to the payments collected online, SportEasy Club will help improve your club’s financial situation. Your treasurer will no longer waste time chasing cheques and cash payments.

Your treasurer will really appreciate our secure online payment method to keep track of payment collections, to send reminders to late payers and to manually enter offline payments (e.g. cheques, cash) to always be up-to-date.

They will be able to customise settings for VAT or even payments in instalments.

Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check out our features on this page, then try them out thanks to a one month free trial period on SportEasy Club.

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