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    Online management software for amateur sports clubs.

    SportEasy Club is an all-in-one software that lets you manage your sports association wherever you are.


    The best app for amateur club managers

    SportEasy Club will take your sports association to the next level. It is an all-in-one software that will make your whole club more efficient.
    Roster management
    Import all your members and track their personal information and files.
    Aim for the best
    Supervise all teams and equip coaches with the #1 team management tool.
    Internal communication
    Send a message to the entire club, a specific group, or just one person;
    Shared schedule
    All events are visible on the club calendar.
    Club funding
    Easily collect payments from your members and highlight your sponsors on the app.
    Discover all the features of SportEasy even before you register your club.
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    An app easy to use on any device

    SportEasy Club is a solution tailored to your needs and devices. Thanks to a web and mobile application, your club management tool is available wherever you are, as soon as you have an internet connection.
    Quick tip: to use certain club management features in optimal conditions (Club newsletter, shared calendar, member management) we recommend to use our web application, on your computer.

    An app for all members of your sports club

    SportEasy Club provides useful club management features for the president, managing director, technical director, treasurer, secretaries, etc.
    It is at the same time the best app for sports team management. With SportEasy Club you give all your teams, their coaches, players and parents an app that will allow them to organize games and practices more easily week after week.
    Just like you, all members of your sports association have access to SportEasy. They will enjoy the features and information that are useful to them, depending on their role in the club and the team they play on. For example, the coach can send invitations to events from SportEasy, and the parents receive a push notification on their phone, respond very simply and have access to the information about the game.

    All the features to manage your sports association efficiently.

    SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletter sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payment. Check them all out from this page, then test them for free for one month by registering your association on SportEasy Club.