Give your sponsors more visibility!

SportEasy Club makes it easier for you to find sponsors for your sports club, by offering them unprecedented digital visibility on your members’ app.

Bring your association to a new dimension with our sponsorship offer

Nowadays, amateur sponsoring is no longer limited to advertising panels of your sponsors on the sides of fields. SportEasy Club allows clubs to put sponsors forward on a mobile app thanks to our personalized ads seen by all club members.

Your sponsors benefit from great visibility on SportEasy. On average, an ad is seen 5 times a week by each member. You can click directly on the ad to be redirected to the partner’s website, a product page, etc.

With SportEasy Club, the sponsorship manager has new arguments to find sponsors for your sports club, or revalue your current sponsorship contracts.

Discover all SportEasy features with our demo club before signing up your club.

Great results for your sponsors guaranteed!

As sponsorship of amateur sports clubs becomes more structured, sponsors expect increasingly accurate reports on the impact of their investment in your association.

With SportEasy Club, you know exactly how many times your partner’s ad is seen and clicked via the app. You can provide a performance report for your sponsors and potentially renegotiate your sponsorship contract if the results are good!

Sponsor visibility is a feature reserved for clubs with a SportEasy Club Sponsors subscription. On average, a club increases the value of its sponsorship contracts by +2,500€ thanks to this new digital visibility.

Let SportEngagement do the work for you

In recent years, amateur sponsorships have become a central issue for sports associations. They are obliged to diversify their sources of income, to limit the risks weighing on their financial situation.

In order to support amateur sports clubs like never before, SportEasy has launched an offer to help them. With SportEngagement (only available in french), SportEasy is looking for sponsors directly for amateur sports clubs! These partnerships allow brands to offer SportEasy Club to the sports associations of their choice, in addition to sports equipment for their members.

Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check out our features on this page, then try them out thanks to a one month free trial period on SportEasy Club.

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