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    All-in-one software for sports club management

    Choose SportEasy Club, the best app to manage your sports association efficiently.


    An all-in-one club management tool

    SportEasy Club is the best time-saving tool to reduce admin and stress for your managers by centralizing everything from internal communication to accounting.
    First, our users get organized and communicate more effectively, thanks to a shared calendar where each team's events are listed, and via the club messages, which allows them to communicate very easily with all members, a group, or a single person.
    Then, SportEasy Club allows managers to supervise the progress of the different members in the club, with direct access to the statistics of each team. Finally, this all-in-one software allows them to serenely manage the club's finances, thanks to the promotion of sponsors and the management of online payments of the memberships.
    Discover all the features of SportEasy even before you register your club.
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    Equip your coaches with the best amateur sports team management software

    SportEasy is also the best app for amateur sports team management. Tens of thousands of coaches have saved precious time in organizing their teams thanks to the features offered by our software.
    They have access to all the club and team management features.
    They can manage their team on their own, send invitations, messages to their players and/or parents, follow statistics and attendance at events...
    Players and their parents
    With the SportEasy mobile application, they have all the information at the right time and can share the best memories of the team, to fully enjoy their passion for sports within your association.

    Fair-pricing billing

    When you register your club on SportEasy, you get a full month to test all the features of our club management software for free.
    If you're satisfied, you can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan, that fits the size of your club (Check out our plans for more information). On average, the price of the SportEasy subscription is under 1% of an amateur sports club's budget.
    Our customer service team is here to help you every step of the way as you set up your account.

    Everything you need to manage your sports club efficiently.

    SportEasy Club features will make your whole club more efficient. Shared schedule between all your teams, newsletters sent to all your members, management of membership fees and any other payments. Check our features out on this page, then test them for free for a month by registering your association on SportEasy Club.