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Customized team website
  • Customize your team colors.
  • Add a team logo.
  • Add a cover picture of your team.
Free iPhone & Android app

Stay connected to your team by downloading our free iPhone or Android app!

Detailed team roster

Invite all team members: coaches, players, occasional players and friends/fans.
Centralize all member info online (photo, contact info, position, jersey #, stats, etc.).
Manage roster season after season.

Team scheduling

Easily schedule & organize all team events:

  • Get a full team schedule (list & calendar views)
  • Manage all types of events (games, practices, non-sporting events, etc.)
  • Manage full competitions (leagues, cups, etc.)
  • Manage recurring events (e.g. 'practice every Friday at 6pm')
  • Easily postpone or cancel events
  • Manage pickup games (invite all players and set 2 teams!)
Venue & opponent management

Save all relevant information about venues (address, etc.) and opponents (contact info, etc.)

Game sheets

All game/practice/event info can be found on the "event sheet": date, time, location, appointment, opponent, result, stats, scorers...

Player availability

Players get email/mobile invitations to events, they just have to click YES or NO. You can follow player availability in real time. Players can also set their (un)availability for several events ahead of time.

Invitations & reminders

Invite your players manually or set automatic invitations to any type of event. Send manual or set automatic reminders to players who don't reply.

Game comments

Game comments allow you to easily communicate with your players, and share your emotions before & after the games!

Game reports

Post game reports or tell the best writer of your team to do so!


You can post photos on all game forums and threads.

MVP & ratings

Vote for the best player of the game, rate the game from 1 to 6 stars and the players from 1 to 10! Set who can vote/note and who can see the results.

Game results & stats

Enter game result and player stats, whatever your sport: goals, assists, touchdowns, home runs, etc.

Group messages

Send group messages to the entire team, other coaches or certain players. They are displayed on SportEasy's "Messages" tab and broadcast by email.

Formations & lineups

Set your team's lineups like in a video game:

  • Choose starting players/substitutes
  • Choose your strategy
  • Drag & drop players' photos on every position on the field
  • Notify all participants, or just the other coaches
League fixtures & results

Enter full league fixtures & update league results (automatically updates league standings!)

Past season archive

Archive all of your team's best memories: past rosters, game sheets, game reports, MVP, etc.

Customized member fields

Add customized fields to track any info about your players

League standings

Update your league's results to automatically update your league's standings on your team's website

Membership fee collection

Too much hassle to collect membership fees early in the season?
Create team fee, notify your players: they can pay online in just 2 clicks!

Team fee collection

You have…
purchased jerseys for all the team ?
... rent a football field ?
... You can collect payments from players for all these situations and many others !

Parents/children management

You can have 2 parents to manage your child's profile and you can also manage all your children with your single profile

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Team statistics
  • Number and % of wins, ties and losses
  • Number of goals/points scored/conceded
  • Average game score
  • Number of games for every score margin ('We won 12 games by 3 goals')
  • Last 10 games' results
Best & worst streaks

Longest winning streak, longest unbeaten streak, longest losing streak, longest streak without a win

Player statistics

Track and analyze any kind of player stats, whatever your sport: goals, touchdowns, home runs, rebounds, etc.

Player rankings

Rank your players for any kind of stats, whatever your sport (goals in soccer, rebounds in basketball, etc.)

All-season statistics

Player and team stats for every season, cumulative stats on all seasons: a fantastic online history book for your team!

Players attendance :
game by game

This is very useful for managing your team:
- see who played a lot or only few matches during the last month
- see who was often late or absent on the last training sessions and make next lineups accordingly

Players attendance :
cumulative stats on the season

It is a synthetic page of players attendance throughout the season, with a filter by event type

Assign chores
  • Create chores (who will wash jerseys, who will bring balls...)
  • Assign to one or several players for each event
Multiple teams management
  • Import the club's whole rosters
  • Assign coachs and players to the teams
  • Transfer players from a category to another at the end of seasons