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per team per maand

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Team website + iPhone en Android apps
  • Create a customized website for your team: colors, logo, picture of presentation...
  • Download for free our iPhone and Android apps and stayed connected to your team!
Beheer van teamleden
  • Manage every member of your team: coachs, players, occasional players, or friends
  • Centralize all your members infos: phone number, licence number...
  • Youngsters team? Attach several parents profiles to one kid, or several siblings to one parent
  • Beheer de wedstrijdprogramma's seizoen per seizoen
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Team kalender
  • Create a full featured calendar (trainings, games, non-sportive events...) shared by the whole team
  • Plan one-time events (eg, exhibition game) or recurrent ones (eg, training every tuesday)
  • Manage postponed and cancelled events in 1 click
Game sheets
Game key information
  • before the game: opponent, location, date, time, meeting point...
  • after the game: even report, score...
Beschikbaarheid en herinneringen
  • Invitations: define in advance when to invite players, or invite the players that you want manually
  • Availability: players receive an e-mail or mobile notification and can tell if they'll be there or not
  • Reminders: players who have not answered are automatically reminded, you can also send them a manual reminder in 1 click
  • Advanced configuration: limit the number of participants, set a waiting list...
Tactiek & teamselectie
Maak je opstelling alsof je een game speelt:
  • select your starting lineup and substitutions
  • choose your tactic for each sport
  • move players name and picture to each position on the field
  • share the lineup between coachs or with all the players
Forums en opmerkingen
  • For the coach: send a grouped message to some players, to other coachs, or to the full team ; from the event sheet, send an important message to available attendees
  • For all: share comments with teammates from event sheet or on dedicated threads. Before the game, send your William Wallace motivation speech. After, redo the game together!
You can post photos on every event or generic discussion threads. With SportEasy Premium and SportEasy Club, storage is unlimited
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Stemmen & beoordelingen
  • Vote for the MVP, rate the game and the players!
  • Votes and ratings are configurable: enabled for the whole team, only for coachs, or disabled
Bijdrage ophaling
Fed up with collection membership fees when the season begins, or with being refunded for the new jerseys? Create a collect, warn your players: they can pay online in 2 clicks! Krijg een bericht wie er wel of niet betaald heeft.
Kalender en kampioenschap ranking
  • Fill in the complete calendar of your league (all games of all days)
  • Fill in scores each week: ranking is automatically up to date
Advertentie banners
Bij SportEasy Premium of SportEasy Club worden geen advertenties weergegeven op de website en in de mobiele apps.
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Speler profiel aanpassing
Create customized fields to follow up any information you want about your members: "Jersey size (S, M, L, XL)" ; "Membership up to date YES/NO" ; and so on
Doelstellingen toewijzen
  • Create chores as you wish (who has to laundry the jerseys, bring balls or refreshments, take his car...)
  • Assign chores to the players for each game or training
Keep presence status up to date: on time, late, excused absence or not, after each training or game ; discover SportEasy computed summary:
  • summary of presence on time, late, absence during a season, with filtering by event type
  • table by event (for example to see who has played a lot lately, or who was late a lot the last trainings...)
This tables will be really useful when managing your rosters!
Team statistieken
Fill in scores of your games and discover SportEasy computed stats:
  • number and % of victories/ties/defeats
  • Resultaten van de laatste 10 wedstrijden
  • total of goals/points scored/against, average score
  • number of games for difference of score
  • best streaks (victories, games without a loss), worst streaks (defeats, games without a win)
Fill in player stats for each event (goals or passes for soccer, points or rebound for basketball, etc.) and discover SportEasy computed summary about your players:
  • table with every stats, that you can order as you wish
  • ranking of best pointers or assists, of best rated players, etc.
  • Samenvatting van een of meerdere seizoenen
Beheer van meerdere teams
  • Manage all your club's teams in one place and offer to each team the full-featured SportEasy Premium
  • Create all your teams/ages categories
  • Create other groups (eg, "management", or "whole club")
Club leden management
  • Importeer eenvoudig alle wedstrijdprogramma's van de club
  • Voeg je coaches en spelers toe aan een of meerdere teams binnen je club
  • Transfer players from one age category to the other when the season begins
Evenementen, berichten of kostenverzameling voor de hele club
  • Maak een groep met alle clubleden
  • With this group, start events, messages or fee collection within the whole club