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Create a website for your team

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Instantly build a free website to manage your team

Customize it with your team's colors and logo

Choose any sport: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and many more

Display your team's info on a public page

Enjoy private access for your team members only

Manage your team members efficiently (centralize player info, send group messages)

Use SportEasy with more than one team

Organize your team's games and practices

Schedule team events

SportEasy allows you to easily organize your games, practices & events

Display details of your events such as date/time, opponent and location

Manage full competitions, leagues or cups

Manage all types of events: games, practices and other events

Manage recurring events (e.g. 'practice every Friday at 6pm')

Postpone or cancel games easily

Manage pickup games: invite the players and set the 2 teams!

Communicate with your teammates (group SMS, emails and mobile notifications)

Communicate with your team

Group emails and mobile notifications allow you to communicate efficiently

Send emails / mobile notifications to your whole team in 1 click

Schedule automatic emails / mobile notifications (invitations, reminders...)

Comment on the games before and after playing

Start threads in your team's private forum

Comment from your home page on your team's latest discussion threads

Manage player availability, injuries, absences or late arrivals to games and practices.

Manage player availability

No more endless email threads to know who's coming to the game

Schedule automatic notifications to invite players to games (email/mobile)

Players set their availability in 1 click in the email / mobile notification

Track player availability in real time on the website / the app

Schedule automatic reminders to the (lazy) players who don't reply

Invite additional players to a game in 1 click

Manage injuries and long-term unavailability

Choose your formation and set your team lineup online

Set your team's lineups

Drag & drop your players on the field, like in a video game!

Choose your players and strategy, whatever your sport

Drag and drop players' photos on every position on the field

Notify all participants

Assign duties to players (coming soon)

Assign chores to invited players

Analyze individual and team performances and stats

Analyze all your stats

Capture all game data and analyze your team/player stats, whatever your sport!

Update league standings automatically by entering full results

Enjoy full team stats: % wins/ties/losses, streaks, etc.

Capture all player stats, whatever your sport

Vote for your player of the game, rate the game and the players

Rank players by any stat: goals, assists, ratings...

Vote for player of the game, rate game and players, enhance team spirit

Strengthen team spirit

Player of the game, ratings, game reports, comments... interact with your teammates!

Comment on the games before and after playing!

Vote for your player of the game

Rate the game from 1 to 6 stars, and the players from 1 to 10

Write game reports

Start threads in your team's private forum

Check out your teammates' detailed profiles (contact info, stats...)

Share photos and videos of your team or club's games

Share your photos

[coming soon] Share the photos of your games and team events!

Create photo albums on your team's website

Link photos to events

Choose a cover photo for your team's home page

Manage profile pictures for all players

Add videos (coming soon)

Store all your team or club's history online, whatever your sport: soccer, handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, baseball, football...

Archive everything

Record your team's history, season after season!

Archive every season's stats

Archive every season's games (reports, comments, lineup)

Archive every season's member list

List team honors by year and competition (coming soon)

Discover all-time records of your team (coming soon)

Download our iPhone or Android app to manage your team on the go

Download SportEasy's app

Stay connected to your team with our iPhone and Android apps!

View and edit schedules & scores of all your games

View and edit team roster: add players, upload profile pictures...

Send notifications: invitation, reminder, game postponed/cancelled...

Track player availability (every player can reply directly from their phone)

Vote for your player of the game right after the final whistle!

Enter score and stats right after the game!