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  • Communication with members, membership fees, shared calendar: SportEasy is the n°1 club management software.

    Optimize the organization of your club

    Make your entire club more efficient so you can focus on what really matters.


    Why using SportEasy Club?

    Productivity software for an amateur sports club
    Gain in efficiency
    Members information, club newsletter: SportEasy allows you to easily manage all the life of the club and avoid the unexpected.
    Software to manage all the teams and groups of the association
    Get your club to the next level
    Structure and supervise the activity of all teams, with a quick overview of their schedules and results.
    N°1 application for all club members (managers, coaches, players, parents, volunteers, etc.).
    Make the entire club happy
    SportEasy is also the #1 team management app: coaches save time, players love it and parents are reassured.
    Digital space to give visibility to sponsors of an amateur sports club
    Keep building the legend of your club
    Secure the financial future of your club by collecting membership fees efficiently and putting your sponsors in the spotlight.

    Let's do it

    You have 3 options to help you quickly set up your club on SportEasy.
    Create your club and try SportEasy during 1 month, for free
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    They talk about us

    Join a community of 1,500,000 managers, coaches and players on SportEasy.
    « At that time, we had a real need to centralize information (calendar, player data), and the dozens of email responses received after each event invitation were becoming very complicated to manage. SportEasy Club was a huge milestone for the RCAGR. »
    Gwenola P.
    Board member of the RCAGR
    « SportEasy Club allows us to generate attendance stats, especially for our most competitive teams. We can closely monitor the attendance of our players and the activity of all our teams. We can also easily communicate with all our members, and share messages from the board of the club. »
    Audrey S.
    President of Poissy Handball Club
    « We had a demonstration of the tool and were immediately seduced by the different features offered. It was clear that we needed to equip our club with such a tool because all our members benefit from it, from the president to the volunteer referees. SportEasy helps us enormously on the administrative level, but also on the sporting level. »
    Philippe M.
    Treasurer at Club Athlétique Orsay
    « SportEasy allows me to centralize in a single tool all the information related to my children's sports activities. We save a lot of time every week by knowing where the events take place, at what time, and if we have to bring something special to the event... It's a great help in our family's daily life! »
    Manuel V.
    Parent of 2 players at the ACHBB

    Club management features

    Shared calendar, member information, club messaging: discover how SportEasy will make your entire club more efficient.
    An all-in-one tool that serves every club member at anytime, whatever their role
    feature 1

    Online software of your club

    Stay connected to your club

    Thanks to the SportEasy software, accessible on computer, tablet or smartphone, centralize all the information about your members, manage their membership fees, communicate with them, create your groups, teams and events.

    • An all-in-one tool for the management of an amateur sports club
    • A tool accessible anywhere, on any device
    • An access for every club member regardless of their role
    • A fair pricing, based on the number of members in the club
    Software centralizing the information of your members
    feature 2

    Members management

    No more Excel files!

    SportEasy allows you to centralize and update any information about your members, and access it on your computer or smartphone, wherever you are

    • Import your Excel files to SportEasy Club and export your data at any time
    • Update the information of the members, their parents or volunteers at any time
    • Add attachments to member profiles
    • SportEasy complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
    Unlimited creation of teams and groups
    feature 3

    Team and group management

    Create and manage as many teams and groups as you want

    Youth teams, adults, volunteer groups, board members: everyone has a role to play on SportEasy

    • Create unlimited teams and groups
    • Equip your coaches, players and parents with the #1 team management app
    • Access any group created to monitor everything
    • Easily transfer your members from one group to another
    Communication tool: club newsletter, individual or group message, document sharing
    feature 4


    Stop using 4 differents messaging apps

    SportEasy Club allows you to centralize all the club communication towards members on a single tool, and to effectively communicate a newsletter to them

    • Send a club newsletter to all your members in just a few clicks
    • Communicate easily with any group or club member
    • Share any type of file you want (photos, videos, PDF, etc.)
    • Your members (and their parents) now communicate only on SportEasy Club
    A shared calendar that centralizes all the events of the club
    feature 5

    Shared calendar

    All the events of the club in one place

    Quickly view the events of each team (games, tournaments, practices), of each group (e.g. board meeting) or of the club (e.g. end of year party) on a shared calendar.

    • The events of each team or group can be found on the shared calendar
    • Filter by event type or group
    • View events for a day, a week, a month or the whole season
    • Access directly to the details of each event and modify it if necessary
    Manage a fee collection for the club membership or any other payment
    feature 6

    Registrations, memberships and collections

    No more lost cheques

    Improve your association's cash flow by simplifying the registration procedure and the recovery of membership fees.

    • Add a new member to your club in one click
    • Create a fee collection for all your members and track payments
    • Your members can pay their membership fee online
    • Each coach can create an unlimited number of collections in this team
    A new way to give more visibility to the sponsors of amateur clubs
    feature 7

    Highlight your sponsors

    Increase your sponsorship revenues

    You'll realize that players, coaches and parents log on to SportEasy every day to interact with their team. It's time to renegotiate your sponsorship contracts and sign new ones!

    • Offer a strong digital visibility to your sponsors
    • Add up to 15 banners on the SportEasy web and mobile application
    • Access the results of each sponsor's advertising campaign
    • Send us the commercials to be aired, we'll take care of the rest

    Additional option only available to clubs with a SportEasy Club subscription.

    Let's do it

    You have 3 options to help you quickly set up your club on SportEasy.
    Create your club and try SportEasy during 1 month, for free
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    Request a demo: an expert will present you all the features in 30 minutes.
    Get a free online demo