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SportEasy is the tool that simplifies the life of cricket club leaders.

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150 000

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3 000 000

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15 000 000

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There is a before and after SportEasy!

SportEasy Club is software that allows us to focus on what matters most: our sport and the club community. No more wasting time on tasks that this tool has allowed us to automate!

Clément Laurent
Cricket Club president

Improve communication within your cricket club

SportEasy simplifies the internal communication among the members of a sports association. Thanks to the integrated messaging system, club managers can send messages to any member, whether it’s a coach, player, or parent. They can send messages to specific groups or to all members at once. This eliminates the need for multiple communication apps that were previously used. With SportEasy, managing a cricket club has never been easier.

No more all over the place Excel spreadsheets!

SportEasy Club is a game-changing software for amateur cricket club managers, streamlining the organization and internal communication within the team. With SportEasy Club, directors can effortlessly access all member data in one place, eliminating the hassle of scattered spreadsheets. From medical certificates to license numbers, all essential information is readily available. The Club Roster feature offers comprehensive data management capabilities, rendering Excel sheets and other decentralized tools obsolete. It’s time to embrace efficiency and take your cricket club to new heights with SportEasy Club.

Are you managing a team?

With SportEasy, spend more time living your passion than organizing your team, whatever your sport.

Provide all your members with your club’s application

SportEasy Club is the ultimate application for amateur sports club managers. It streamlines and simplifies the organization and internal communication of the cricket team. From coaches to players and even parents, all members benefit from using SportEasy Club to manage their sporting lives. This game-changing app saves time, improves organization, enhances communication and fosters a strong team spirit. With SportEasy Club, cricket club management has never been easier!

Optimize the management of club funding

Club treasurers love using SportEasy Club. The app helps them to increase club revenue and manage finances more easily, through the Collections feature. They can use it to collect any payment from their members: membership fees, sports camps, equipment orders, and more. Additionally, amateur clubs can also showcase their sponsors on SportEasy, an app that is accessed daily by all registered members.

Club management features

Find all the features your Technical Directors, Category Managers, Treasurers and Secretaries will soon be unable to do without.

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