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    The #1 software to manage your field hockey club

    SportEasy is the best tool that makes life easier for field hockey club managers.

    SportEasy Club: the best field hockey club management app

    A few figures

    125 000
    active teams
    2 500 000
    happy users
    10 000 000
    events managed

    Once you choose SportEasy, you'll never go back to your old habits.

    field hockey club manager

    « SportEasy Club has really taken us to the next level. Before, managing all the messages, event invitations, or even membership payments was a nightmare. Now, everything is easily managed on SportEasy. »

    Clement LAURENT

    Club President

    field hockey club sports director

    « SportEasy Club is a great tool used by all our coaches and volunteers. But it's also very popular with our young members and their parents. It has really modernized our club. »

    Charles-Henri ODIN

    Sports Director

    • field hockey club manager

      « SportEasy allows me to track all my players' stats: goals, assists, yellow cards... In 10 years, we'll have online access to our team's complete history, just like professional teams! »

      François SCHEEFER

      Coach of the RCF women team and player in the French national team

    • field hockey club sports director

      « SportEasy centralizes everything about my team: full schedule, player availability, statistics, game reports... I can easily notify my players: one click and they get an email or a mobile notification! Communication is really important to enhance team spirit... We want our team to be a family, and SportEasy is just perfect for that. »

      Nicolas ROCHE

      Coach, SA Merignac Field Hockey

      Streamlined communication within a field hockey club

      Improve communication within your field hockey club

      Managers can send messages to a coach, a player, a parent, or all members at the same time, directly from SportEasy Club. Say goodbye to emails, messages on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, that you didn't have time to read anyway.

      All the data of your members in one place

      No more Excel files!

      With SportEasy Club, find all the information of your members in one place. It's a real time saver in the daily management of the club (admin, finance...). In just a few clicks access any information or document (medical certificate, allergies...) and with the club calendar, check at a glance who is playing where and when.

      You manage a team?
      With SportEasy, spend more time enjoying the game you love.
      Mobile app for your members and their parents

      Equip all your members with your club's app

      On SportEasy Club, managers are more efficient and so is the community. All members have access to the club app. Coaches save precious time in managing their team, and their players (and parents of players for the young ones) have the right information at the right time, team spirit is maintained on the app. With SportEasy Club, everyone wins!

      Sponsors & membership fees

      Optimize your club's finance management

      SportEasy Club is a solution that also helps you financially. Thanks to a collection system, you can easily collect payments from your members (e.g. membership fees). You can even increase your sponsoring revenues by highlighting your sponsors on the SportEasy app, used by players, coaches and volunteers every day.

      Club management features

      Shared calendar, member information, club messaging: discover how SportEasy will make your entire club more efficient.