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SportEasy will help club managers simplify daily club management.

Some figures about SportEasy

150 000

Active teams

3 000 000

Happy users

15 000 000

Managed events

SportEasy will change your club’s life!

Improve communication within your free-diving club

SportEasy simplifies internal communication within a sports association. With its messaging system, club managers can send messages to any member (coach, player, parent), a specific team, or all members at once. They no longer need to use multiple different apps to communicate with all club members, depending on their role.

No more Excel spreadsheets!

SportEasy Club is a software that enables club leaders to have all their members’ data up to date and in one place. All the relevant information, from medical certificates to membership numbers, is readily available. With the member database feature, data management becomes seamless. Club leaders can now say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and other decentralized tools.

Do you manage a team?

With SportEasy, spend more time living your passion than organizing your group, whatever your sport.

Equip all members with your club’s app

SportEasy Club is the ultimate app for sports club managers. It revolutionizes the way all club members – coaches, athletes, and parents – manage their daily sporting activities. With SportEasy Club, they save time, streamline organization and communication, and strengthen the club’s sense of community. This app is a game-changer for everyone involved in free-diving club.

Optimize online payment collections for your club

Treasurers love using SportEasy Club. The application helps them increase club revenue and manage finances more easily, thanks to the Collections feature. They use it to collect any payment from their members, such as membership fees, sports camps, equipment orders, and more. Additionally, clubs can also showcase their sponsors on SportEasy, giving them digital visibility like never before.

Club management features

Find all the features that your club managers will soon not be able to go without.

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