The number 1 software to manage a singing club

SportEasy is the tool that makes life easier for singing group leaders.

Some key figures

150 000

Active teams

3 000 000

Happy users

15 000 000

Managed events

There’s a before and after SportEasy!

SportEasy Club really took us a step further. Before using it, things were going all over the place, between messages, last minute changes or paying dues. Now everything is managed on SportEasy Club.

Andy Fournié
Singing club president

It’s great to finally have an app dedicated to our group. And players love finding photos and videos taken by parents after competitions.

Lénaïc Martins
Singing Teacher

Improve communication within your singing group

SportEasy simplifies the internal communication among members of a sports association. With its integrated messaging system, club managers can send messages to any member (a coach, a player, a parent), to a specific group, or to all members at once. This eliminates the need for multiple communication apps previously used. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing different platforms – with SportEasy, communication within your Chant group has never been easier.

No more messy Excel spreadsheets!

SportEasy Club is a powerful software that provides club directors with a centralized platform to manage all their members’ data. From medical certificates to license numbers, all important information is conveniently stored in one place. With the Club Roster feature, directors can easily process and analyze the data. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and other decentralized tools. Stay organized, efficient, and focused on the success of your Chant group with SportEasy Club.

Managing a team?

With SportEasy, spend more time living your passion than organizing your group, whatever your sport.

Equip all your members with your group’s app

SportEasy Club is not only for managers, but for the entire club as well. All members – coaches, players, and parents – use the club’s application to manage their sports day-to-day. It truly transforms their lives in many ways: saving time, streamlining organization and communication, strengthening the club’s spirit, and much more.

Optimize the management of the group’s funding

Treasures love using SportEasy Club. The app helps them increase the club’s revenue and manage their finances more easily, thanks to the Collections feature. They use it to collect any payment from their members: membership fees, sports camps, equipment orders, and more. Moreover, amateur clubs can also showcase their sponsors on SportEasy, an app that all members log in to daily.

Club management features

Find all the features that your Technical Directors, Category Managers, Treasurers and Secretaries will soon not be able to do without.

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