The number 1 software for managing a Floorball club

SportEasy is the tool that makes life easier for Floorball club managers.

Some key figures

150 000

Active teams

3 000 000

Happy users

15 000 000

Managed events

There’s a before and after SportEasy!

I think that if we stopped SportEasy, many parents would remove their child from the club. It has become a sign of confidence for them and I understand them.

Grégory Chardon
PUC Floorball Coach

When I was told about it, I didn’t think that SportEasy was so complete, because it meets my team organization needs as well as those of the players. Voting for the man of the match has become a ritual.

Julien Bernard
Coach of IFK Paris Floorball

Improve communication within your Floorball club

SportEasy is the #1 app for managing a amateur sports team or club. It is dedicated to club managers and coaches, simplifying the organization and internal communication of amateur floorball groups. With SportEasy, you can say goodbye to using multiple apps for communication. The integrated messaging feature allows club leaders to send messages to any member – whether it’s a coach, player, or parent – individually, to specific groups, or to the entire team all at once. Discover the power of streamlined communication with SportEasy.

No more messy Excel spreadsheets!

SportEasy Club is the ultimate software for amateur sports club managers. It revolutionizes the way clubs are organized and communicates by providing a centralized platform to manage all members’ information. From medical certificates to license numbers, everything is stored in one place with real-time updates. With the powerful Club Roster feature, managing data has never been easier. Say goodbye to scattered Excel spreadsheets and embrace the simplicity of SportEasy Club.

Do you manage a team?

With SportEasy, spend more time living your passion rather than organizing your team, whatever your sport.

Equip all your members with your club’s app

SportEasy Club is the ultimate application for amateur sports club managers. It’s not just for directors, but for the entire club. Coaches, players, and even parents use the club’s application to streamline their daily sports activities. This revolutionary app saves them time, simplifies organization and communication, and strengthens the club spirit. With SportEasy Club, managing a floorball team has never been easier!

Optimize your club’s funding management

Club managers and treasurers love using SportEasy Club. The application helps them boost the club’s revenue and streamline financial management with the Collectes feature. They can easily collect payments from their members for various purposes such as membership fees, sports camps, equipment orders, and more. Additionally, amateur clubs can showcase their sponsors on SportEasy, which is accessed daily by all licensed members. With SportEasy Club, managing a floorball club’s finances and promoting sponsors has never been easier.

Club management features

Find all the features that your Technical Directors, Category Managers, Treasurers and Secretaries won’t soon be able to do without.

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