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SportEasy is the best app for simplifying football club management.

A few figures about SportEasy

150 000

Active teams

3 000 000

Happy users

15 000 000

Managed events

SportEasy will change your club’s life!

SportEasy is a real time saver for all the coaches, but it is also a step forward for the players and their parents. I can communicate with my whole team and send important information on a single app!

John Smith
Coach U13

No need to send 50 emails before the game to find out who can come, it’s a game changer! With the mobile app, players see the notifications straight away and can respond quickly, it’s super practical.

Charles-Henri Odin
Coach de TF1 Sport AS
Photo de Julien Potier, Directeur Technique du FC Rueil-Malmaison, plus grand club de foot amateur en France et client SportEasy Club

Improve communication within your soccer club

SportEasy was created to help club managers and coaches centralize communication within soccer clubs. With its messaging feature, SportEasy allows club directors to effortlessly send messages to coaches, players and parents. You can send messages to the whole club, a team, all coaches or a specific player so everyone is always up-to-date with the latest information concerning game scores or club events. You no longer need to use three different apps to communicate with club members.

No more Excel spreadsheets everywhere!

SportEasy Club is the leading app for managing soccer teams and clubs. It is specifically designed for club managers and coaches to simplify the internal organization of soccer clubs. With SportEasy Club, you can centralize all your members’ data in one place, from medical certificates to membership numbers. The member database feature allows for efficient data management, replacing your usual Excel spreadsheet. Now, club leaders can focus on what they do best – coaching and leading their team to victory.

Do you manage a team?

With SportEasy, spend more time enjoying your passion than organizing your team, no matter what sport you play.

Get everyone involved on SportEasy

SportEasy Club is not only the application for club managers, it’s for everyone! All members – coaches, players, and parents – use the club’s app to manage their daily life with the club. This app truly revolutionizes their lives in many ways: saving time, simplifying organization and communication, strengthening club spirit, and so much more.

Optimize payment collections for your club

SportEasy Club is a game-changer for sports club treasurers and managers. With its collections feature, treasurers can effortlessly boost club revenue and simplify financial management. Collecting payments, whether it’s membership fees, sports camps, or equipment orders, has never been easier. Plus, SportEasy provides a platform for clubs to showcase their sponsors, reaching all licensed members who use the app on a daily basis.

Club management features

Find all the features that your club managers will no longer be able to go without.

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