Keep up with your league

Create your league and track your opponents’ scores to keep up with the standings.

Import all league fixtures in a couple of seconds

Like for all types of competitions, SportEasy allows coaches to manage their league fixtures and put their team in the best conditions to take the lead!

To do so, import your season’s league fixtures in a couple of seconds thanks to our very intuitive platforme. You can add your opponents from the league so your schedule is as clear and precise as possible.

With the league feature, you can personnalise the points assigned to each team for a win, a defeat, a forfeit or a tie.

Up-to-date ranking to motivate your troops

Game after game, your players will love finding the latest rankings on a dedicated tab in their SportEasy app. There’s nothing better to push them to excel and reach the top places.

Each day, SportEasy allows you to update the results of all the games that have taken place: yours and those of your opponents in that competition.

Eventually, we want to synchronise with your federation or league, so that you can use the app to find your league, which has already been created and is always up-to-date.

Manage your team for free and save office hours every week

Go for the win!

As well as motivating your players with updated standings, you’ll be able to manage each league game efficiently. As with pick-up games, cup games, recreational games and training sessions, use SportEasy’s invitation system to make sure your team is complete before facing your next league opponent.

All features used before games (messaging, team lineups…) allow you to prepare the team for victory.

With SportEasy Premium, you can climb even higher. The stats feature allows you to analyse team and individual performance in detail, all year long. No more Excel spreadsheets, SportEasy is the tool you need to win!