An invitation system that boosts attendance to events

Send out invitations to your events (games, practice, etc), track attendance in real time, and send automatic reminders to players who have not yet responded.

The best way for coaches to invite team members to events

With SportEasy, the endless email loops for tracking attendance to games are a thing of the past! You’ll never need to forfeit a game again because you don’t have enough players. The automatic invitation system sends a notification to members to indicate whether they are available or not.

Let Sporteasy work for you, by setting up automatic invitations and reminders before each event. Coaches can also manually invite members when creating the event, if they prefer: it’s still faster than counting the answers to your message on WhatsApp…

You’ll love seeing the number of players available increase until you reach the required amount. As for the players, you have the option of hiding the attendance list for an event, to prevent them from withdrawing because their friend isn’t available.


By email or push notification? That’s for them to decide

The SportEasy software is also very popular with players, as it is very easy and intuitive to use.

Players will set up the way they wish to receive information concerning their team: by email or push notification, or both. All they have to do then, is answer directly on the invitation, indicating whether they are available or not.

Youth team coaches can add parents and guardians to their children’s profiles. In this case, they will also receive and respond to the invitations to events.

Manage your team for free and save many office hours every week

Track attendance in real time and all season long

Did your players answer that they were available to an event? That’s encouraging, but they still need to turn up on the day. With SportEasy’s mobile app, you can update the attendance status of each player in real time.

You can indicate whether a player was on time, late, absent but excused or absent and unexcused, etc… All this data is stored in each team’s attendance report (Premium feature), available on the website and the mobile app.

On the attendance report, you will find the details of attendance for each player. This can come in handy if you want to set up a selection system for weekend games based on players’ attendance at training sessions during the week!