Manage your sports team’s calendar

With SportEasy, create your team’s calendar with all sports or non-sporting events and manage last minute changes easily.

Plan all team events

SportEasy makes it easy to create all team events. You can schedule all the practice sessions for the season in a couple of seconds. Create your league and import your fixtures, plan your other games and tournaments, or even non-sporting events like a team barbecue! The calendar is available for all team members from the website or the mobile app.

Add all event details: opponent, address, meeting time, etc. All team members will have access to this info and have no excuse if they are late or turn up to the wrong place – they can even open Google Maps by clicking on the location on the app!

Manage last-minute changes

Last-minute change? Don’t stress. You can simply cancel or postpone the event on SportEasy. No need to contact all team members individually, they’ll receive an email and/or a notification on their phone.

For example, if your event is cancelled because of covid 19, and that you don’t yet have a second date for the event, SportEasy is prepared: you can report it to an unknown date. When you know more, you can add the new date to the event and your members will be notified.

Manage your amateur sports team for free and save hours in the office every week

Track attendance for events in real time

As well as being able to plan all team events for the whole season, with SportEasy, you can see who will be available in real time. Once the event is added to the team calendar, invitations will be sent out automatically – or the coach can send them manually – to your team members! They will receive the invitation by email and/or push notification, depending on their preferences.

Thanks to this tracing feature, you can always make sure there are enough players for your games and never have to forfeit again!