Assign tasks to your players

Create the tasks you need on SportEasy and assign them to different players for each event, making sure everyone contributes to the team’s well-being.

Create the tasks useful to you

On SportEasy Premium, you will find a couple of tasks created by default. They’re the ones most used by teams on our platform: bringing water bottles or snacks, washing the team’s jerseys, etc. If you don’t use these tasks with your team, you can delete them. But you can also create as many new ones as you want.

Each team has different tasks they give to their members, but here are some examples:

  • Carpool: choose a couple of drivers who will bring the team to the game location, so it’s not always the same people.
  • Laundry: create a way to share laundry between the players’ parents (or the players) so your jerseys are always clean!
  • Snacks: get everyone involved in preparing snacks for after the game so your team can celebrate together!

Assign tasks to your players before events

With SportEasy, go further when preparing games, practice or important tournaments. With task assignments, make sure everything you need is taken care of, so your team is in the best conditions to win!

Once you have created all the tasks you need for your team to run properly, assign them to your players, players’ parents or volunteers, for a specific event! You can give tasks to different people for every event so it’s never the same ones doing all the work. When you assign a task to someone, they receive a notification.

You’ll find all the tasks assigned on the game sheet. With our task assignment feature, you won’t ever have anymore organization problems!

Manage your team for free and save office hours every week

Make sure everyone plays along!

Team coaches feel that it’s often the same people who do all these tasks, so we thought of a way to mix it up! You can balance everything out.

You’ll find a detailed summary of the tasks assigned throughout the season. This allows you to identify those who have contributed the most, meaning those to whom you have assigned the most tasks.

A task was done but you hadn’t assigned it on SportEasy? No worries, you can always edit task assignments after the game and your summary will be up to date.