Create your team lineups, just like in a video game!

Prepare your team lineup before each game to work on your players weaknesses and be on point when the day comes!

Your tactics, your lineups, all on SportEasy

With SportEasy, even amateur team coaches can be amazing strategists. Our app offers a dozen different lineups and tactics, all you have to do is select which one is most adapted for your game strategy. Even coaches with the most random tactics will find something to their liking!

Thanks to SportEasy’s invitation system, coaches and educators know exactly which players they can use for the weekend game. From the list of attendees, the coach will directly place each player on the lineup, or as a substitute.

And if the coach wants to change halfway through the game, he can make multiple lineups and save them for the same game!


Share your recipe for success

Once the lineup is ready, the coach can set up its privacy settings:

  • Share with the rest of the team: if you want the players to see the lineup before the game so they can prepare.
  • Only share with the other coaches: if you want to discuss strategy with the other coaches but only want to debrief the players once in the locker room, or if you’re just not ready for other players to access it just yet.

To attract and motivate your club’s biggest fans, you can share the lineup on social media!

Manage your team for free and save office hours every week!

A souvenir of each game

Once the game has ended, the team lineup will be saved on the game sheet. You can still edit it if their were any last minute changes. This allows you to remember the team who played that day, and led you to victory – or, on the contrary – did not perform so well.

Your players will also love looking back on the lineups of passed games. They will find the game MVP and each player’s rating (check out our After the Game features for more info): enough to prolong team spirit long after the final whistle.

With the game reports, and photos and videos of each game, lineups will help you build team spirit and your members will remember great memories of your time together.