The perfect app to remember each detail

With SportEasy, build team spirit off the field thanks to our after game features: ratings, votes…

Share memories!

On SportEasy, there is a dedicated messaging thread for each event. Before the game, it’s very useful for coaches to send all kinds of information. After the game, whether you want to congratulate a player or complain about the referee, all you have to do is send a message on the game forum. All team members will be able to react to it.

Players, parents and coaches, everyone can take part in the discussion by sending photos and videos. During the game, you can also use our Live stats feature to inform players who aren’t there about the game score.

This feature helps with team building and bringing everyone together, by never forgetting the good times even months later.


The third half-time takes place on SportEasy

It’s the end of the game. The players are back in the locker rooms. But the game continues with SportEasy!

  • Vote for the game MVP: vote for the player who showed the most talent.
  • Rate the game: it’s time to give the game a grade out of 6. Each team member can grade the game.
  • Rate the players: rate your teammates out of 10, but keep in mind they will rate you too.

Your members will love this feature if you’re in charge of a group of friends. The ratings can be discussed in the Club House with a refreashing beverage. If your team is part of a club, you can disable this feature or edit the settings so only coaches can rate the players.

Manage your team for free and save hours of office work every week!

Write your team’s journal

After each game, coaches can write the game report and share it with the rest of the team. If a team member aspires to be a sports journalist or a writer, they will love writing the story of each game.

You can also use this feature more seriously! When writting the report, give as much details possible so that your players can work on the things they haven’t quite mastered yet, and ensure useful practice sessions before your next big game.