The most complete roster management app

Say goodbye to your Excel spreadsheets with old information about your members, and hello to modern software for member management.

The team roster, accessible whenever, wherever

You no longer need to sort through hundreds of paper documents to find your team members’ information. It’s all available and up to date on SportEasy!

Each member will have a profile regrouping the important information you need. You can view and edit this info whenever you need to. Do you need to find a membership number during a game? Find them all easily in your member database.

You can also import important documents to your members profile, such as a photocopie of their membership, ID or medical certificate and add any allergies they might have. This is all personal information, so you can choose who can view and edit other members’ info: allow only coaches to access member profiles.

Access for all those who keep your team going

Team co-managers, regular or occasional players, siblings, parents, guardians, fans: SportEasy has everything you need to involve everyone in your sports team’s life.

When you invite a member to join your team, you can define their role so that they have access to SportEasy, but only to features that are relevant to them. This means that only coaches have administrative rights over the team (e.g. : creating events, invitations…), and players and parents have access to the fun and social features (e.g. : vote for game MVP, messaging).

Do you manage a youth team?
You can add as many parents or guardians to an underaged player’s profile, so they will receive the invitations and other important information all season long. They’ll no longer contact you all the time and you won’t have to repeat ten times where the game is taking place or who is playing.

Manage your amateur sports team for free and save office hours every week

Privacy is our priority

On SportEasy, your members’ info is stored in a safe place. Access to your team is reserved for people you have invited and is protected with your team’s secret code.

We respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We never share your information with third parties. For more info, you can check our Data Privacy Policy.

As mentioned above, you can choose your privacy settings for your member database if you wish: for example, you can hide parents’ phone numbers from other parents.