The perfect messaging system for amateur sports teams

Make team communication easy and centralized on a single app with SportEasy.

Stop using five different apps to communicate with your team!

As team coach, if you receive dozens of messages a day on WhatsApp from your team, but also calls from parents and SMS’ – to the point where you just want to get rid of your phone – SportEasy is for you!

From a coach’s point of view, the app will make you more efficient in two ways. Firstly, all team communication will be centralized on a single app: you no longer need to check all the different apps each team member uses to communicate with you. But also, all important information concerning team events is clearly shown on SportEasy. So you will no longer receive useless questions and your members will be happy!

Lastly, each educator, player or parent can choose their preferred way to receive all info: push notification on their mobile or via email.

The ideal messaging system for amateur sports teams

By signing up to SportEasy, you’re choosing a messaging system designed for amateur sports teams, with specific features unavailable on normal messaging apps.

For each team event, there is a dedicated messaging thread, allowing educators, players and parents to organize that specific event. Coaches can give specific indications or send last-minute messages if there are any changes. Players and parents can hype each other up and share photos and videos of the game!

To be honest, most SportEasy features were invented so that you don’t even need to send huge messages with lots of information anymore. Players are automatically invited to events and you can inform them of any changes just by editing the event.

Manage your sports team for free and save office hours every week!

Simplify communication, share emotions

All team members – coaches, players and parents – have access to the communication feature, but how they use it is often different.

For coaches, it is an easy and fast way to communicate with the whole team or a single person. They can also use the app like a way to share PDF’s explaining the practice session of the day, so players can get prepared.

For players and parents, it’s where they share emotions and their best memories with the team. Before the game, everyone can motivate each other and after, they will share photos and videos of their favorite moments together.