Keep track of your team’s statistics

SportEasy allows coaches to track and analyse team stats and individual player stats. They can then create the best lineups possible.

Bring your team to the top

Game after game, SportEasy Premium allows you to track your team’s statistics: percentage of wins, of loses, average points scored per game and other stats that will help you create your game lineup each weekend.

SportEasy is a platform offering adapted statistics for each sport: football, rugby, handball, basketball, hockey, etc. After each game, coaches just have to enter the game score, goals, assists, passes and SportEasy does the rest! They can easily be analyzed from the Stats page.

On this page, you can add a filter for a particular type of event: only cup games for example. SportEasy saves all statistics from your first season on the app, so you can compare your current performance with previous season!

Analyze individual player stats

SportEasy also helps coaches analyze players’ stats individually. Whatever the sport, you can enter each player’s stats (goals, assists, scores, points, passes, stops) after each game. A clear and easy track all stats is available on the website and on the mobile app. Coaches can then track each player’s progress, or the move they need to practice more.

On this page, you can also add a filter for a particular type of event, and sort the players in a certain order in a particular statistic so you can see exactly what you want.

Manage your sports team for free and save office hours every week

Motivate team players and fans thanks to Live Stats

Just like a dedicated journalist, launch the Live Stats of your sports team’s game with SportEasy Premium! Live Stats is a feature that lets you record every significant action that takes place during the game in real time, from a point scored to a decisive save. Start the stopwatch and report your game’s highlights!

Once the game is over, you can still see everything that happened from the first minute to the very last, with all the action that took place. Was a player absent? They’ll be able to find this game summary (as well as the game report you’ll be writing) on SportEasy. It’s also very practical for your team’s fans, who can follow your games even if they weren’t able to attend this time.