The website and mobile app for sports teams

Create a personalized platform for your team and invite your members to join, allowing you to organize team events and share memories, from a laptop or your mobile phone.

The website and mobile app for team management

Thanks to SportEasy, those who manage an amateur sports team, whether an educator from a club, in charge of their company’s team, or captain of a group of friends, save a considerable amount of time.

After having planned all team events in the calendar and inviting their members to join the team, they can send invitations to games and practice sessions, keep up with who has answered and who is available or not, in real time.

SportEasy offers other features to be organized like a pro. For example, track game stats and attendance to practice, create game lineups like in a video game and so much more!

A personalized platform for your team’s life

By signing up their team for free, team managers create a platform dedicated to their team, a very important tool for improving performance. The platform is personnalized with the team logo, photo and colours. All members – managers, players and parents for youth teams – can join the team very easily, by clicking on the link in the email sent by the coach, or by entering the team’s secret code.

They will all have access to the information they need to practice the sport they love, to motivate each other before games and share their thoughts afterwards.

Create your team’s digital locker room – available online and as a mobile app – to efficiently prepare your events, allowing your team to share their love for the sport.

Manage your team for free and save office hours every week

The best team building tool!

SportEasy’s mobile app is the best way to build loyalty among your players and to reassure their parents. They can access your team’s platform whenever they want, to find info or to interact with other players, directly from their mobile phones!

For the team’s players, it makes life so much easier. All they have to do is answer the event invitation indicating whether they are available or not. They can access all the information concerning practice and games, and can also send messages to other players, to the coach or to the whole team. After each game, they can look back on the event together and send photos to create souvenirs. They can also send videos to analyze performance and compare techniques. SportEasy offers interactive features after games to rate it and vote for the game MVP.

For parents, SportEasy is the best organization tool, simple and accessible whenever, wherever. They’ll no longer call the team coach all the time because they’ll have all the right information in one place! They are reassured and coaches no longer have to repeat themselves.