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SportEasy is the go-to software for American football coaches.

SportEasy in numbers

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15 000 000

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There’s a before and after SportEasy!

SportEasy: all matches in one place, for all club teams. We know where we are, and even who is coming or not! And what’s more, there are forums to organize yourself.

Clément Laurent
President of American football club

Simplify the organization of your American Football team

SportEasy simplifies the lives of American football coaches by streamlining administrative and sporting tasks. The app allows them to efficiently manage their entire sports calendar, including matches, training sessions, and tournaments. With SportEasy, coaches no longer need to use a multitude of different apps to communicate with their team members. This saves them valuable time and allows them to focus more on the game itself.

Analyze your American Football dedicated stats

SportEasy allows coaches to spend less time on organization and more on the progress of their American football team. On the web and mobile app, they can access all the team and individual player stats, as well as measure the engagement of their squad for team events. Match after match, the application allows you to analyze the evolution of player statistics: Translate the value of the ACF field “pass, ground pass, tackles”, translated into the specified language., it’s all there!

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Running an entire American Football club?

SportEasy Club simplifies the life of leaders and the rest of the club

Unite around your American Football team

SportEasy is the #1 application for managing an American football team or club. It is dedicated to club leaders or coaches and simplifies the internal organization and communication of amateur sports groups. SportEasy enhances team spirit through fun features like voting for the match’s star player and rating the game. It is also perfect for youth teams, as parents have full access to team information. With SportEasy, managing your American football team has never been easier.

Team management features

Calendar, summons, messaging: discover how SportEasy is going to make your life and your team’s life easier.

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