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Simplify the organisation of your diving group

SportEasy is the #1 app for managing a group or club of amateur divers. It is dedicated to club leaders or instructors and streamlines the internal organization and communication of amateur diving groups. SportEasy saves time for instructors by simplifying administrative and sports tasks. The app allows them to manage their entire diving schedule (training sessions, competitions), and eliminates the need to use five different apps to communicate with members of their group. With SportEasy, instructors can easily schedule and organize diving activities, track attendance, and send important updates to the group all in one place. This not only saves time but also ensures that everyone in the group is on the same page and well-informed. Furthermore, SportEasy offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for instructors to navigate and use the app efficiently. They can quickly create and update events, send reminders to members, and access important information with just a few clicks. In summary, SportEasy revolutionizes the management of amateur diving groups by providing a comprehensive solution for scheduling, communication, and organization. Say goodbye to the hassle of using multiple apps and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of SportEasy.

Improve communication within your diving group

SportEasy is the number one application for managing a group or club of amateur divers. It is dedicated to club leaders or instructors and simplifies the internal organization and communication of the diving group. With SportEasy, managing your diving group has never been easier. Whether it’s sending out invitations, last-minute notifications, or sharing photos after events, SportEasy revolutionizes the way you communicate with your diving group. Stay connected with your diving group and ensure everyone stays in the loop. With SportEasy, you can easily send and receive messages, share important documents, and organize activities and training sessions. Don’t let communication be a barrier. With SportEasy, you have all the tools you need to keep your diving group organized and up to date. Say goodbye to missed messages or forgotten events. With SportEasy, everyone is on the same page. Join the countless diving groups already using SportEasy and experience the difference it makes in managing your group. Say hello to efficient communication and hello to SportEasy.

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SportEasy Club makes life easier for managers and the rest of the club

Find up-to-date information about your members

With SportEasy, the coach of a diving group can easily access all the data of their members such as license number and shirt size, and manage them as they wish. This application simplifies the internal organization and communication of amateur diving groups, making the coach’s job much easier. Stay connected and organized with SportEasy!

Group management features

Calendar, summonses, messaging: discover how SportEasy will make your life and that of your group easier.

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