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SportEasy is the go-to software for handball coaches. It has been designed to simplify the management of sports clubs.

A few figures about SportEasy

150 000

Active teams

3 000 000

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15 000 000

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SportEasy will change your team’s life!

Photo d'Amandine Pandrot, Secrétaire Général du Handball Club Pays Viennois et utilisatrice des collectes sur SportEasy Club

SportEasy has been a great tool for my team! I no longer need to send messages on 3 different apps to figure out who is making it to our competition on the weekend, invitations are sent out automatically!

Amanda Connor
U16 Coach

Simplify your handball team’s organization

SportEasy helps handball coaches with admin and sporting tasks. The app allows them to manage their entire calendar (games, training sessions, tournaments). They no longer need to use five different apps to communicate with team members. With SportEasy, coaches can save time and focus on what they love most: coaching.

Analyse your handball stats

SportEasy is the #1 app for managing a Handball team or club. SportEasy allows coaches to spend less time on organization and more focused on team performance. With the web and mobile app, coaches can access all their team’s stats, as well as individual player stats. They can also track attendance to events. Game after game, season after season, coaches can analyze different stats: goals, saves, efficiency, exclusions, minutes played… Everything you need is there!

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Do you manage a handball club?

SportEasy Club makes life easier for the club managers and the rest of the club.

Bring your handball team together

SportEasy is the #1 application for managing a team or sports club. The handball community can benefit greatly from SportEasy’s features. Not only does it strengthen team spirit through fun functionalities like voting for the player of the game or rating the game, but it also answers youth teams needs by providing parents with full access to team information. With SportEasy, the handball team can stay connected, organized, and motivated throughout the season.

Team management features

Calendar, invitations, messages: discover how SportEasy will simplify your life.

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