Manage your ice hockey team like a pro

SportEasy is an indispensable software platform for ice hockey coaches, simplifying complex team management tasks.

A few figures about SportEasy

150 000

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3 000 000

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15 000 000

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SportEasy will change your team’s life!

SportEasy allowed me to collect all of my team’s information in a single database. This is so useful when I’m at an away game and need to contact parents or need to pull up their membership number. It’s just made organizing my team so much easier.

Nicolas Roche
Coach of SA Mérignac Field Hockey

Simplify your ice hockey team’s organization

SportEasy makes life easier for ice hockey coaches by simplifying both administrative and sport-related tasks. The app allows them to effortlessly manage their sports calendar, including matches, training sessions, and tournaments. With SportEasy, coaches can also say goodbye to using multiple applications to communicate with their team members. This all-in-one solution streamlines communication within the team, making it easier than ever to stay organized and connected. Save time and effort with SportEasy.

Analyze your ice hockey stats

With SportEasy, coaches can spend less time on logistics and more on improving their team’s skills. The web and mobile app provides coaches with all the team and player stats they need, as well as being able to track attendance to events. Game after game, the app allows coaches to analyze the evolution of player statistics, including goals, assists, points, stops, penalties, minutes played… Everything you need is right at your fingertips with SportEasy.

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SportEasy Club makes life easier for managers and the rest of the club

Unite around your ice hockey team

SportEasy is the number one application for managing an ice hockey team or club. The app allows you to strengthen team spirit with fun features such as voting for the player of the game or rating the game. It is also ideal for youth teams as parents have complete access to team information. Join the thousands of teams already using SportEasy and experience the benefits of easy and efficient team management.

Team management features

Calendar, event invitations, messaging: discover how SportEasy will simplify your life.

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