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SportEasy is the best, most straight forward software for your ski team’s organization.

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SportEasy will change your team’s life!

It’s great to finally have an app dedicated to our team. And players love finding photos and videos taken by parents after competitions.

Lénaïc Martins
Ski Coach

Simplify the organization of your ski team

SportEasy helps ski coaches save time by simplifying administrative and sports tasks. The app allows them to manage their entire ski schedule (training sessions, competitions) and communicate with all team members. With SportEasy, coaches can streamline their organization and communication, making it easier than ever to stay connected and informed.

Improve communication within your ski team

SportEasy is dedicated to club managers and coaches, and greatly simplifies the organization and internal communication of ski teams. With SportEasy, staying connected and informed has never been easier. Whether it’s last-minute announcements, event photos, or scheduling practices, SportEasy ensures that everyone in the group stays up to date and connected. Experience the power of SportEasy for yourself and take your ski team to the next level.

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SportEasy Club makes life easier for managers and the rest of the club

Find all the up-to-date information about your members

Thanks to SportEasy, the coach has easy access to all the data of his members (license number, shirt size…) and can manage them as he wishes. The app also simplifies internal communication within the ski team, making it easier for the coach to share important information and updates with the members. With SportEasy, the coach can easily organize training sessions, track attendance, and create personalized schedules for each member.

Team management features

Calendar, notifications, messaging: find out how SportEasy will make life easier for you.

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